web-based client for reLive


reLove is a project for talking with and playing back shows listed there. It is mostly feature compatible with the two reLive desktop clients and also offers embedded options for single station or show views.


1a. From ZIP or TAR

Just use the links at the top of the page and unpack the archive into the desired directory.

1b. From Git

If you already have Git or can get it, this is the easiest way to get this project and keep it updated.

$ cd deployment_parent_directory
$ git clone --recursive

If you're planning to deploy directly to a server this way, make sure your web server is configured to block the .git directory and descendants (404 or 403, etc).

2. Using

Desktop-local users can just double-click the index.html file in the deployment directory to run this project in a browser.

If deployed on a server, point your browser to where it was deployed. If that directory is not web accessible you will need to configure your web server. (Google is your friend.)

2a. Embedding

This project supports embedding with iframes. This makes it easier to show a single station on a page or include a single show in a blog post. As with step two embedding requires this project be web accessible. View embedding examples.